$0.50 cents ea. These movies don t have their original case. Price reflects. Top Row: King fu Panda, Lego Bionicle, Legend Reborn, Adam Sandler s Bedtime Stories Middle: The Rock s Game Plame, Horseland, Eloise in Hollywood Bottom Row: Hannah Montana the movie, Mr Magorium s Wonder Emporium Xposted
$1.00 per dvd. All in excellent condition. Great PBS and History Channel information. Xposted.
$1.00 EACH. These were at grandpas house and the littles weren t allowed to touch. So the dvds are in awesome shape! Xposted
$1.00 per cd disc. All single cd discs except John Denver (2 disc) Country Classics (2 disc each) and Golden Age of Country (10 disc) The older country music works beautifully for calming & soothing older Alzheimer s/dementia sufferers who grew up with music from the 50 s & 60 s.
Abbott & Costello - $6.00 Centennial - $6.00 Dean Martin lot - $10.00 Selling for my dad. We found these old sets worked well for our grandparents suffering from Alzheimer s and/or dementia. Either the music, slower pace, black & white or simply recognition of prior time seem to calm and soothe them. No longer needed. All dvd sets in perfect condition. Xposted


John Adams 3 Set DVD Series - $12 Jason Bourne blue ray trilogy in a tin -$10 Selling for Dad and all in perfect condition. Xposted
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